Telling the stories of brands large and small

Over the past dozen years, I’ve worked with brands, individuals, ministries, and non-profits of all sizes in creating and developing aspects of their business, from media production to development strategy. Below are some of those that have trusted me with their stories, as well as what some have said regarding my work.

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“Nathan Dowdy is a true brand visionary. He has been instrumental to me in the design of our brand, the development of apparel & merchandise, and in producing our media content. Nathan is a one stop shop for all your needs, and an excellent asset for both growth and synergy in concept and implementation, at all levels of development strategy.”

- George Good, Founder, GGVM Music

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Nathan for some time and I can honestly say it’s refreshing to see a young person so interested in personal development. Always pushing himself to grow in new areas while strengthening his current skills… It really sets him apart. I’ve utilized Nathan for brand development and media creation, but he also has a great eye for many other aspects of this business. I would highly recommend Nathan Dowdy for his services to any organization, large or small.”

- TJ Todd, Owner/Producer, Studio490 Creative Services


“Skill level : Expert”

- Bill Fritz, Fritz Photography


“You’ve got the gift man! Keep on rockin’!”

Scott Frederick; Scott Frederick Photography


Your photos are like posters for a movie! Great work!

Tomáš Michna, Tomáš Michna Photography